Ukranian Refugee Sponsorship

Parkside Ranch

Born in Ukraine but living in Québec since 2013, Yana Shapovalova (also known as Kapeluhova) is a long-time member of the Parkside Ranch family. She was a camper at Parkside for several years and has served as a summer camp cabin leader since 2018. Her two brothers have also worked at Parkside.

Yana and her family are afraid for the safety of their extended family still living in Ukraine – she has already lost an uncle in the conflict – so she has launched initiatives to help them leave.  As a valued member of the Parkside family, we are doing what we can to help her bring her family to safety.

Through the generosity of well-known local artist and long-time Parkside friend Debbie Mosher-Roy (, Parkside is privileged to offer up at auction 3 beautiful paintings that Debbie created specifically for this purpose and donated, to raise funds to help Yana’s family to come to Canada.

Parkside Ranch is grateful to be in a position to be able to live out God’s love in practical ways to help Yana and her family, in addition to our prayers for their safety.  We invite you to participate. 

The winners of the auction will receive a donation tax receipt in the amount of the difference between the starting bid and the final winning bid.

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